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graeleight365 karma

Does he play a mean Pinball?

Lirsh222 karma

I just let him try on my iPhone , he got a respectable 21,100

FuckedUpMyLife44 karma

Came here to ask this. Guess I am not the only old fart on Reddit.

tawling79 karma

You don't have to be an old fart to listen to great music.

Lirsh215 karma

"Most of the time you fart while listening to music"


Sparta209435349 karma

How can he tell the difference between dreams and real life?

Lirsh826 karma


Sparta209435336 karma

I cant answer that:(

Lirsh474 karma

Neither can he

flagamuffin91 karma

what the flying fuck why can't i come up with an answer to this that makes sense

Lirsh123 karma

See, it's a legitimate question now

cole2buhler10 karma

how often does a flying monkey throw plates at you, in reality?

Lirsh22 karma

"Enough that I've needed to get a holding (I think restraining) order on it"


[deleted]238 karma

When you jack off, do you think of Helen Keller?


Lirsh298 karma

He laughed, don't worry

fecalmatterplatter56 karma

Seriously though, what does he jerk off to?

jeh506100 karma

Porn For The Blind I suppose...

Lirsh55 karma

That's awesome

Vladlen92213 karma

1.Is he excited that due to modern science one there is the possibility he could see and even speak again?

  1. For TV, does you said you have to describe a lot of stuff for him, does he not use/not like the DV Audio (Description for people who are visually impaired)?

  2. Does he workout or run, and if so how does that work, is it more difficult or more or less the same?

Lirsh120 karma

First off, he said great question, +1 karma for you, Second, no, DV audio isn't that adaptable to him, it sometimes uses colors and that makes him unhappy, and for the most part he doesn't ask about to many things, and I've learned to describe it singe understands.

Now to the exercise, he can run if someone is holdin on to him, he can use treadmills under supervision, stuff like that

DesireenGreen204 karma

What's been the hardest thing for him so far?

Lirsh599 karma

Not being able to remember what his parents look like

tillerwills147 karma

Does he have a crush on anyone? (personality wise obviously)

Lirsh366 karma

He's not telling me, which I assume yes

tillerwills225 karma

i believe in his lady slaying skills

Lirsh513 karma

So do I, because he is blind he is allowed to ask girls to feel their face, and his hands may "accidentally" go low to start with, and the girl never cares. He a lucky man

P2000Camaro366 karma

BRB. Poking my eyes out.

Lirsh300 karma

He says you'd think it's great but not worth it

chrismuthadamnsipe142 karma

How do you know when to stop wiping?

Lirsh286 karma

And I quote "Go to bed, you're either tired or drunk", but to answer , you just keep wiping till you are sure

corrodesnudo138 karma

Question for friend. Did you have a background in ASL before befriending Brendan or did you learn it for (or with) him? If you learned it for him that makes you even more of a badass friend than I thought.

Thanks for the AMA, by the way. It's the most interesting one I've read in quite some time.

Lirsh326 karma

I started learning when I was 6 after realizing that I could never understand my friend again

Cinema1996136 karma

What does he see in his dreams? I've always been curious about this.

Lirsh236 karma

Just light an dark, and "stuff". He can't describe it since he can't remember seeing much, he never learned colors

stochastic_forests100 karma

How did he go about learning sign language when he can't see?

Lirsh130 karma

Your hands are moved for you, it took him 5 years to start being fluent, and he still has trouble, if you check I have left some things how he signed them to show this fact

nrshaffer2192 karma

Are artificial eyes/vocal chords a possibility for him in the future?

Lirsh154 karma

Eyes are not, when he is 18, he is allowed to sign up for a vocal cord transplant (or insert)

corrodesnudo79 karma

Why does he have to wait to be 18 to sign up for a vocal cord transplant? This sounds like they are taking "children should be seen and not heard" far too literally.

Lirsh116 karma

There's stuff in law that makes it difficult for kids to get transplants, plus when he's 18 he'll be growing less so they don't have to worry about that, that way his wick cords won tear

Indrus_au161 karma

Speech Pathologist here.

The larynx, where the vocal cords are housed is not fully matured until around 20-25 years old. Any growth of that area could lead to tearing of the transplanted vocal cords, so typically a recipient needs to be older. I'm not sure about the legal side (also I'm Australian so it's different here).

I'd be very interested to know if he has had any speech-language pathology intervention growing up, and if yes, what kind and for how long.

Lirsh75 karma

He says thank you, and he'll find out

vvppaall62 karma

Why are artificial eyes not an option? Is there no such a thing, or is it a difficult procedure? I am complete ignorant about this.

Lirsh131 karma

it is to dangerous for how much he cares about seeing (not a big deal)

Stef4185 karma

Hi Brendan, thanks for taking the time to do this interesting AMA! My question is more directed at your friend that is here typing for you: do you notice Brendan having extremely good hearing? My close friend is blind and she can hear EVERYTHING; it amazes me how heightened her hearing sense is! It's obvious as to why it would increase in sensitivity, but it just fascinates me to no end and never fails to surprise me. She'll hear the tiniest things that I never pick up on. Do you notice anything similar with Brendan?

Lirsh343 karma

Yes, he can hear the smallest things, it's really funy because he has a cat, and as you all know seein how thisnisnteddit after all, cats can hear the faintest thig and they'll turn their head, he does the exact same thing. So there will be a sound I can't hear, but he and his cat both turn their heads to the same exact spot which is pretty funny

yacht_boy67 karma

What's are the things that are hard for him to do and what things can he do that would surprise us?

Lirsh213 karma

He's amazingly good at the piano, eating meals is probably the most frustrating thing he says, you would think its easy, but not being able to sea food (yes he signed it that way) is very annoying. Otherwise, he says he is ok with just about everything else, he wishes he could watch TV, play video games, see a cat, and small things like that

spin182119 karma

"see a cat", spoken like a true reddditor.

Lirsh68 karma

He has a cat as I mentioned before, let's just say that cat has been takin crazy pills way to long

themanof3940 karma

Can you show us a clip of him playing pano?

Lirsh86 karma

Sure, give us a day, he's staying at my house for the weekend and I don't own a piano

Attackoftheglobules67 karma

No, the man wants to see a pano being played

Lirsh69 karma

Oh, we'd have to go buy a pano, unless someone here has one for rent?

yacht_boy30 karma

Would be awesome to see a video of him playing piano. This is the first ama that I've gotten a reply to. Thanks for taking the time to translate and type it out.

Lirsh42 karma

no problem, we're trying to reply to everyone

Gan0n57 karma

What are your favorite foods? What is particularly easy to eat?

Lirsh141 karma

Steak is his favourite, anything that is easy to stab with a fork

creamcup46 karma

How does he like his steak done?

Lirsh96 karma


xxblueyedgrlxx56 karma

Weird and personal question but I'm curious to know.... most guys are turned on from things they see (boobs, but, etc). So what turns you on? I won't be insulted if I don't get an answer, I'd be pretty uncomfortable answering that

Lirsh78 karma

He says sorry, but if you want that answer you'd need to send us a message, he'll answer I there, not on this thread though

The_Derpening50 karma

What caused him to go blind and mute when he was three?

Since he had some experience with sight and speech, does he ever miss it?

If he were to actually try to talk right now, what would it sound like?

Lirsh58 karma

Genetics degenitory disease

Bass_to_the_Max45 karma

How does he function at school? And does he have to have someone with him all the time or can he do things alone?

Lirsh67 karma

Someone is with him at all times assisting him.

Bass_to_the_Max46 karma

Thank you for the reply. And good luck too him. I know it can be hard with even a single disability. My friends mom is deaf and I can only just barley communicate with her and can't comprehend the trouble it is. Let alone blind and mute. Best of luck :)

Lirsh216 karma

He says thank you very much fish_to_the_top, that's that he signed

ItsBrine44 karma

Can he laugh? I don't understand the whole vocal cords thing.

Lirsh104 karma

He can laugh, but it's just wind, he can't make sound anything other than like whistling(he's great at it) and breathing

WhoFan38 karma

Has he ever tried talking through his whistling? When I whistle, I can control the amount of air to create sounds that 'somewhat' sound like speech. And the tongue controls so much of speech (instead of just vocal chords), can't he make Tuh and Puh and Kuh sounds with his lips and tongue? I mean, it's no way perfect by any stretch the least bit. Would have to do it slow. But you never know with practice. Maybe get half words out?

Lirsh45 karma

he had never thought to try that

thclvr140 karma

Does he ever just listen to TV?

Lirsh80 karma

Yes, we have to give extra details sometimes, but he likes the news and more informational pieces of television

skeena124 karma

Does "descriptive video" on TV help? You know where someone narrates the action on the screen? It seems like their voice combined with the dialogue would be difficult to follow.

Lirsh44 karma

He said it is

CS0137 karma

what would be his ideal girlfriend? :)

Lirsh112 karma

Someone who accepts him as who he is, she is nice, "she got a nice rack" she's got a sense of humor, and she would or coul learn ASL

CS0172 karma

Awesome. I fit the criteria. <3

Lirsh155 karma

He's says "Pleased to meat you"

Lampanator48 karma

Heh. He's pleased to "meat" her.

Lirsh71 karma

You got his joke

CS0138 karma

I also play drums! So if I ever visit PA we should totally write music together.

Also, if he's still single by 30, he should contact me. I'll come for a visit. XD

Lirsh44 karma

Ok, I'll tell him

Pessime19 karma

If he ends up gettin laid in the future, make another post!!

Lirsh25 karma

Ok, he said will be done

WNCaptain35 karma

I heard that blind people see nothing. By nothing, I mean like seeing out of your elbow nothing.

Is this true?

Lirsh211 karma

He sees what I'm assuming are different shades of "grey" like brighter and darker, and I might as well say it. He can see 50 shades of grey

McFistykins11 karma

My Grandma lost her sight when she was in her 20-30's so she does remember color and such. She told me that all she sees are different shades of grey, and that is no joke.

Lirsh17 karma

Told you all

billymule33 karma

How did you guys meet? What were the initial interactions like? What are his social interactions like in school?

Very interesting AMA, thank you very much!

Lirsh82 karma

I was friends with him before he lost his sight and voice. After he lost his Sight and Voice i would try and visit him almost everyday in the hospital (which he was in for 6 months) after which i wasn't able to see him for 6 more months, after that, we could meet again, and i started to realize i couldn't ever be able to understand what he was trying to say. So then I also started learning American Sign Language.

Normally Either a teacher, my other friend, or I accompany him around school so he can communicate, and like i said before, if someone messes with him, I mess with them.

NYPorkDept33 karma

Is his handwriting legible? Like would he be able to have a conversation with someone who doesn't know sign language by writing? How does he use Reddit?

Lirsh62 karma

I read reddit to him, along with his parents, and his dog has a piece of paper explains some easy commands he will sign if no one is around. he can not write

MrSm1lez59 karma

Oh dear god I couldn't handle my parents reading Reddit to me...So much awkward.

sub_xerox249 karma

"Well son, the next link is titled "[F]irst time, be gentle"

signs - "Yeah, open that one!"

Lirsh146 karma

Haha, that made him laugh so much

cherchellito933 karma

Why were his vocal cords removed?

Lirsh44 karma

Extreme deterioration

YellowFeverBeaver32 karma

msg me when he is 18 and ill make sure to get him a massage in chinatown

edit1: on ya, in NYC...dunno where you are.

Lirsh34 karma

Philadelphia surrounding area is all we're saying

ckypop32 karma

What does he do in his free time (e-books, books in Braille, etc?) and how much assistance does he require for doing everyday things?

EDIT: Has he smoked weed or done any other psychedelic substances? If yes, what was it like?

Lirsh100 karma

He isn't very good at learning Braille, he says it's all just bumps to him, so he gets audio books, he loves playing instruments, listen ing to music, Pandora especially, stuff like that

P.S. between you all and me, he is scary good at pool (billards) for not being able to see

EDIT1: he has not done drugs

redlinezo667 karma


Not gunna lie, If I got beat at pool by a blind guy I would... well I don't know what I'd do. Something drastic and ridiculous.

Lirsh221 karma

Like flip a pool table?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

maltesa31 karma

Well I just went through the thread.. First off, you're a really amazing friend. I wish I had friends like you who would be as understanding as you are... seesh. I hope you guys get to got to a Coldplay concert. While it is visually very fun, it can be fun for a blind person too! They have this confetti that blows out and it can be interesting to feel it fall around you while you listen to Every Teardrop.

Anyways, I'm just curious, what is your buddy planning on doing when he graduates high school? You're older than him by a year, so you're going to graduate sooner. Obviously, he has his family to help him. Is he going to college? Any career path? Gonna say 'screw that' and run off to Switzerland?

Answer whatever you're comfortable answering, and thanks.

Lirsh53 karma

We have gone to two, One in Camden NJ, the other in Philadelphia PA. He said that colleges offer opportunities for him, and there is support for him. Like he said before he wants to help other people with disabilities when he is out of college. He also said he doesn't think Switzerland is very blind person friendly with all the mountains

blueangel1930 karma

I don't mean to be rude but how does he go to the restroom? Does someone help him? Like you?

Lirsh82 karma

No, I dont help him, the dog does

hsvp27 karma

How much money he got in his wallet?

Lirsh61 karma

None, others carry it around for him

PixelCookie32 karma

Does he always have others with him? Has he considered getting a service pet?

Lirsh100 karma

He has a German Shepard

TheNotUptightMe26 karma

Is the dog coming to school with him? Are they such an independant team that he can go out alone with the dog? And before you said he can only run when holding onto someone. Why?

Lirsh50 karma


Sort of, it's easier when Simone else is there

Balance issues

movenine25 karma

In what language/sign language do you think?

Lirsh23 karma

He says he never thought about it, but he thinks it might actually be in ASL, like he sees signing in his head, great question

evil_monk25 karma

Are you good at math?

Lirsh44 karma


Nioxa25 karma

What do you do for a living? Or are you a student?

Lirsh44 karma


LMRGg24 karma

What does he want to do after his scolarity?

Lirsh63 karma

He would like to work with others with communication impairments

Theshli24 karma

How does he learn pieces for the piano?

Lirsh64 karma

By hearing them first

A1steaksa19 karma

What is your favorite sensation?

Lirsh28 karma

He wants to know what you mean by this?

A1steaksa17 karma

Of all the things hes smelled, felt, heard or any other sense, which is his favorite.

Lirsh146 karma

Sound, he said he believes that sound lets you see the world through the eyes of Earth.

Not exactly sure what it means but interpret how you like

opie9215 karma

Are you being held against your will by this karma greeding man? If so tap your feet twice.

Lirsh19 karma

Tap tap

fritos4life15 karma

A couple of questions.

  1. What is his favorite hobby to do?
  2. What is his favorite drink?
  3. What is his favorite time of year?
  4. What is his favorite subject in school?

Lirsh33 karma

Play music, Fanta (Orange Soda) Summer Solstace Music, but if that doesn't count, then science

Fali9514 karma

how does he communicate with people?

Lirsh31 karma

American Sign Language

undergradpepper26 karma

i assume that acronym confuses people

Lirsh25 karma

Yes, seeing how the ibternet corrupts

jimithecat13 karma

Does he listen to sports and if so or if not, has anyone ever explained to rules of different games such as soccer (football), rugby, or tennis? What is Brendan's favorite thing to do in his spare time?

Lirsh48 karma

Yes, he listens to baseball, soccer and football, his dad explained all the rules to him. He likes to play instruments in his free time, or listen to music or have someone read him reddit

maltesa55 karma

Do you sit and read him reddit? You get internet cookies, man. Lots of internet cookies.

Lirsh95 karma


PineappleResearchEnt9 karma

What is your favorite band/ song? Also, what is your favorite piece to play on the piano ? You having no negative putlook on life really helps my feels, so thank you.

Lirsh38 karma

Favourite song is Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay, and he loves playing Fur Elise