Proof: (NSFW, obviously. Though I did pick more tame pictures)

To answer the questions that were in the request thread:

  1. When my parents found out, they confronted me and were PIIIIISSED! They pretty much disowned me and told me that they were ashamed to have me as their daughter.

  2. They did confront me. See above.

  3. They did not tell the family members. They don't want anyone to know. My dad is really high up in the company he works for (Regional Vice President of the company)

  4. They were so angry. But its been roughly 6 months or more since they found out and they're pretty cool with it. They still HATE it and harass me for it sometimes but its whatever. They love me now.

So reddit, AMA about what my parents did or anything about doing porn. :D

EDIT: well its 5:10 am here. I'm going to be playing some Guild Wars 2. Ask some more questions and I'll respond later!

Edit 2: I'm back. I was doing a dungeon with my friend :D Yeahhh!

EDIT 3: 7:00pm EST 10/16 So to answer a few questions that everyone has asked... My parents and I are on the same page now. We're on good terms. We kind of swept this under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist. It does come up from time to time but we kind of laugh about it. My mom has told me that she has seen my stuff and she must admit that I am good at what I do, but she does not like what I do. She thinks I should use my talents for better things. Also, I'll still be answering questions periodically. I like the questions!

edit again my facebook page is it has my info on it.

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NotQuiteOnTopic1188 karma

No question, just like to say, Nice areolas.

Lettucex547 karma

xD thanks. my nipples are pierced now.

FuckingSecrets208 karma

I was thinking about doing this for one for a while. How does it feel? What's it like? How painful is it? How long did it take to heal?

Lettucex330 karma

ITS AWESOME! I gained SOOOO much sensation! I have a very high tolerance for pain... Soo... It wasn't that bad. And it takes about 1-2 months to heal. Then 6 months to FULLY heal.

Wild2098548 karma

I originally read this as you found your parents on a porn site and they got mad at you. I was confused, and read this top comment complimenting your areolas.

Lettucex405 karma

LOL Oh god if I found my parents on a porn site I would probably shoot myself in the face.

MadeByMonkeys1466 karma

Now there's the king of all double standards.

Lettucex512 karma


RogerNight80 karma

As a boy who got his nipple pierced, it was the most painful thing ever happen to me, and I've heard the same thing from other guys. Doesn't seem to affect girls so much. Do you think there's a difference in pain threshold's for boys and girls when getting nipples pierced?

Lettucex112 karma

Honestly, my nipples were not sensitive AT ALL before I got them pierced. So it was like nothing.

I'm the wrong person to ask.

helllvetica84 karma

As a woman, mine aren't either. Nipple stimulation does absolutely nothing for me, except for when I'm with another woman and I can just watch her. Do you think nipple piercings could change that?

I know this isn't directly related to your AMA but this has sparked my curiosity!

Lettucex153 karma

YES! My nipples are SO sensitive now! The piercings made them feel ALL THE THINGS!

skibum1575863 karma

HOW did they find you?

Lettucex1228 karma

My mom googled my name and it came up. She said she got bored and was googling everyone's name. So she did mine.

I have since changed it so you cannot find my porn by googling my name.

ThomasWoodrowWilson1385 karma

Why did you do porn under your real name? Isn't that the first rule of doing porn?

Lettucex873 karma

I didn't. xD I just had some pictures of it on social networking sites. My parents found that, and I did not block out the site name on the pictures... so they went from there. xD Now I don't use my real name.

commodore-691611 karma

lies. Your dad is just into the same stuff as you. He had to make up a story or he'd get in trouble too.

Lettucex1324 karma

Hahahahaha.. ew.

ThreePenguinzzz904 karma

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Lettucex1262 karma


I like to believe I just existed one day. There was no sex involved.

BSchoolBro1186 karma

You exist because your dad had an orgasm. Just think about that one for a second.

Lettucex882 karma


PinkySlayer275 karma

theres a seinfeld bit about that. he talks about how everyone thinks discovering you were adopted would be the worst, but really it means that someone other than your adopted parents had sex to create you, so you don't have to imagine them having sex.

Lettucex142 karma


Mugros272 karma


Lettucex397 karma


I am sure it would to anyone. Its their PARENTS.

411_WAS_AN_INFO_JOB193 karma

Parental rimjobs.

Lettucex385 karma


I've given and received rimjobs. Me gusta.

midnightbean186 karma

I witnessed it when I was 5, and now nothing can touch my senses.

Lettucex130 karma

I feel bad for you.

skolvolt9073 karma

like jesus?

Lettucex119 karma

Yes. Like Jesus.

femy433 karma


Lettucex252 karma

I've been doing this for 3 years. And I do use stage names.

I used to not because I didn't give a fuck.

ntotheq717 karma

But doing porn, don't you have to give a fuck?

Lettucex288 karma

I see what you did there!

reagan2016150 karma

Well how can we find your porn then?

Lettucex176 karma

my submitted.

TheToeTag797 karma

Do you masturbate to your own photos?

Lettucex939 karma

David, you are a fucked up individual. <3


But I have masturbated to my friends that I do porn with. Hahahahaahahaha

Runningcolt355 karma

And God said unto David, Thy friend shall make weird fetish porn and thou shall try to make it weirder. And so David did..est.

Lettucex154 karma

David is awesome.

no-game89 karma

Who is David?

Lettucex208 karma

TheToeTag is David.

ichuckletoooften633 karma

Hey, im 21 and have never talked to a porn star yet, now's my chance!

Are you a cat or dog person?

Lettucex639 karma

I like cats.

ichuckletoooften502 karma

Yes.. you'l fit in quite well here..

Lettucex557 karma

I've been a redditor for over a year. I would hope so.

Also been a /b/tard since forever...

dtxer198 karma

What do you prefer? Reddit or the Chan=?

Lettucex697 karma

Content wise, reddit.

Attitude wise, 4chan.

ry0wn52 karma

Have you ever started a camwhoring thread on /b/? I didn't realize people like you existed in real life.

Lettucex105 karma

I used to camwhore ALL the time on /b/

MestR9 karma

And we thank you for that.

Lettucex28 karma

And for that, we thank you.


MoreFaSho604 karma

I want an AMA with a girl who found her parents on a porn site.

Lettucex421 karma

I want that too.

Michael_Brutsch_Porn571 karma

Say there was a troll on reddit who was involved a bunch of really disgusting stuff, and one day his identity was published and he lost his job.

If he did enough porn where he got fucked up the ass with a dildo, do you think he could pay for medical care for his wife with fibromyalgia?

Lettucex394 karma

Yes! It pays well! But he'd have to do A LOT.

NinjaDiscoJesus357 karma

do you make money from this?

cast porn eh? new one to me

Lettucex510 karma

The main reason I do it is for the money. xD

And yeah... I'm not into that, but it pays well! So who cares! And its nice and warm in those casts. They are legit. They have to use that saw thingy to get me out of them! It tickles! HAHAHAHA!

canadian_ben465 karma

Did you have to go to a casting where they filmed you before hand to show producers?

Lettucex108 karma


NinjaDiscoJesus183 karma

what if you have to go to the bathroom?

or is that part of it?

Lettucex260 karma

I go beforehand. And I'm only in the cast for roughly an hour.

tattedspyder319 karma

How exactly did you get into what appears to be a fairly fringe area of porn? Were you always into bondage and through that ended up meeting photographers and stuff or did you first get into being photographed and then choose to do the more "interesting" style pictures?

Do you actually have sex for pictures or movies or is it closer to fetish modeling?

Lettucex357 karma

Fringe area of porn? I don't know what that means. Sorry.

I was not into bondage AT ALL when I started! It developed.

I got into it because I had a friend who was friends with the guy pictured. (he's the photographer) and he told me that I'd be good at it. And it was easy money. So I was like, okay, why not.

I do not have sex with others. I just have vibrators used on me and I get topless and close to bottomless. I also do nude modeling. There are pictures posted in my submitted stuffs.

tattedspyder124 karma

Do you feel that you will pursue this as a career, or is it simply a fun way to make money for now?

If you continue doing porn are you going to limit it to mostly modeling with a bit of sexual play or are you going to go into actual intercourse?

Do you have boundaries that you will definitely not cross or are you open to anything?

Have you ever felt taken advantage of by a photographer or coworker? Like the "photo shoot" was more about simply trying to have sex with you than actually producing something?

How are you liking GW2? I only got to play for about a month before I had to pack up my computer for a move, got an elem up to 80 but pretty much dinged and then had to pack.

Lettucex261 karma

I've been doing it for 3 years. I don't think I'll go deeper into it. And I do lots of videos! Its not just modeling. And I don't think I'll do actual intercourse. I was once offered $7,500 USD to have sex on camera with someone. I said no. xD

I'm open to mostly anything. except scat.

I have not felt taken advantage of ever. I always have the final say in stuff.

GW2 is awesome. I've been playing gw1 for like 6 years and gw2 is awesomeeeeee. I have a level 80 ranger. :D

sarah-bare282 karma

What is your sexual orientation?
How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Lettucex374 karma

I am bisexual. And I was raped at 13.

Lukalinda278 karma

And I was raped at 13.

Can this possibly add to why you parents don't really condone what you do? They don't want to see you hurt, especially sexually.

EDIT: Fixed quote since Lettucex changed it.

Lettucex210 karma

This could be true

thrifty91750 karma

Do your parents know that you were raped?

Lettucex95 karma

I am not sure.... They don't even know that I'm bisexual.

tallgordon126 karma

Did you or anyone else try to prosecute the rapist?

Lettucex178 karma

No.... >.<

I know, I know.

EffeCt701116 karma

thats awful. I'm so sorry.

Lettucex115 karma

Don't worry about it.

DoesNotChodeWell79 karma

Not to broach a touchy subject, but do you think that incident in any way affected your sexuality or your interest in porn?

Lettucex112 karma

Honestly, I do not know! It happened so early in life so I don't know how it would be any other way.

Daniel_96235 karma

  1. How long did you manage to hide it before they found out?
  2. Has it at all affected their views on the subject?

Lettucex296 karma

Well I started when I was 18. And I hid it until I was 20.

Nope. They still think its disgusting!

OnAGoat123 karma

So it took your mom 2 years to google your name. I think that was the first thing my mother did when she got her first computer. "Can I just type in your name and everything about you appears?!?! Woow!" Me: "uuhm, yea...sort of!"

Lettucex77 karma

Haha yeah. Took her 2 years.

SummerJogger193 karma

Does your dungeon friend know that u did porn?

TheToeTag591 karma

Yeah, I've known for awhile. She forces me to upvote all of her gonewild posts. <_<

rcsheets307 karma

That has to be rough. You're a good friend.

Lettucex407 karma

He is a good friend. I made him listen to HEYEAYEAYEAYEA for an hour. o.o

He liked it.

Lettucex185 karma

My dungeon friend is TheToeTag. He posted in here. xD I've known him for a while.

dksprocket178 karma

It's slightly confusing when you talk about "doing dungeons" with your "dungeon friend" considering your line of work.

Not sure what I find most intriguing: A sexy bondage porn model playing hardcore GW2 or a sexy GW2 player doing bondage with her online guild mates.

I'll be in my bunk.

Lettucex24 karma


asdfyf154 karma

How do you feel about your father possibly getting an erection from seeing you naked; or if you have a brother, him masturbating to you?

Lettucex181 karma

Don't have a brother. My dad, he barely can use a computer. It was my mom that found it in the first place. He only uses a computer at work. And he wouldn't use it for porn. They monitor the stuff he does very closely.

Amateur1234998 karma

doesn't look at porn


Lettucex186 karma

Well I would assume he doesn't. He doesnt use a computer at home. EVER.

Well... I have found that SOMEONE in my house was watching the porn that they have on OnDemand on xfinity... xD Probably dad.

Amateur1234260 karma

Riiiiiight. And I'm not furiously masturbating right now. ಠ_ಠ

Lettucex263 karma


dannylr123 karma

A lot of people use the pills to last longer :-)

Lettucex144 karma

I hate you.

juvefan55151 karma

How sweaty does your ass get in that spandex?

Lettucex250 karma

In spandex, not very. But in latex and latex-like stuff... OH GOD ITS SO HOT!

SuperlativeInsanity134 karma

Is there a lot of casual nudity in your family?

Lettucex206 karma

NOT AT ALL! My family is SO conservative! Oh god!

Brashdoodle114 karma

What prompted you to do an AMA in the middle of the night?

Lettucex272 karma

I woke up at 4am. Went on reddit. Browsed iama. Saw a request. was like SURE....

And here I am.

ibeatitonhard99 karma

"Let's take a quick look what's on Reddit before work." [Sees this thread.] "Whelp, there goes my morning."

Lettucex18 karma

haha. Sorry!

metal_in_my_junk88 karma

If the main reason you do it is for the money, why have you wanted to do it since you were 14?

If you're not hung up on size, what are your feelings on accentuation?

Also, you look gorgeous in corsets and are way too cute. Like, damn.

Lettucex100 karma

I have wanted to go into the business since I was 14. But had no plans on ACTUALLY doing it until I became a broke college kid. xD

Accentuation? Like piercings? I enjoy dick piercings.

Thank you! :D

metal_in_my_junk26 karma

I know that level of broke.

Yes, as the username implies. That's cool. So many girls don't. They're missing out.

Are corsets something you personally like or just part of the gig?

Favorite music?

Welcome :) It's to the point where I'd feel wrong not noting it.

Lettucex44 karma

Haha. Yeah.

And my motto is don't knock it till you try it! I have had sex with a guy with a piercing down thar. I liked it.

And corsets... Both! I like them! They're pretty. I might wear one today, actually...

And I am in love with weezer!

random5guy72 karma

Why porn? Does penis size matter?

Lettucex119 karma

Because it pays. And I've wanted to do it since I was 14. hahahaha....

And to me, no. I would like it to be at least average. But it doesn't matter as long as you know how to use it! I've been with guys that were on the smaller side and they DEFINITELY knew how to have sex. So it was great!

[deleted]71 karma


Lettucex160 karma

My post history. I post on gonewild ALL THE TIME.

NoobSoloist59 karma

Will you add me to your friends list on GW2, Im about to start playing and dont know anyone who plays. I want a pornstar friend...

What server you on? Are there servers?

Lettucex76 karma

I'm on Yak's Bend. And sure. xD

I'm "Dylan The Tree"

Carighan30 karma

Aw damn, US server. :(

(on Aurora Glade EU here)

Lettucex50 karma

We can still talk! :D And do dungeons together.

King420fly24 karma

What were your parents doing looking at porn?

Lettucex23 karma

No idea.

LostInNorway21 karma

What does the tattoo on your arm say?

Lettucex109 karma

"You see things and you say, Why? But I dream things that never were and I say, Why not?"