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You can read an excellent summary of the "companies can sue governments" aspect of the TPP right here, by a mod of /r/tradeissues who has a degree in economics.

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You said you've studied a lot of economics, so as someone graduating with a degree in it next year, I'd like to ask:

What is your position on fiscal policy with respect to the business cycle? How should it be conducted? In my opinion, this is probably one of the most important things policy makers need to know.

Also, what do you think of the government and/or federal reserve response to 2008?

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All audio books and the most reputable economics and history podcasts

Can you name some, or the authors?

Also, as someone graduating with a degree in economics, I think it's really interesting that you've studied economics. So I'm really hoping you'll answer my question here

Earlier you said you support basically all of Sander's platform. I think this is a little bizarre, it's no secret that mainstream economists aren't too keen on many of his ideas. In fact, the WSJ did a poll of economists right here. The most significant flaw when it comes to Bernie is certainly on trade. While that poll may be a little right leaning, it accurately reflects my experiences with economists (since I'm a student, I encounter many) as well as other students and economists online. Bernie is often the butt of jokes among economists, so I think it's a little strange you are such a strong supporter of him having studied economics

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You seem to forget this isn't a guy just trying to learn some things, this is someone running for office

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