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What about Riley Reid's?

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Hey, thanks for doing this AMA! I think it's great that you've turned your life around and are now helping others to do the same.

My question for you: what was the funniest/most fun experience you had in prison? I can't imagine how terrible prison is, but surely you would go insane if there weren't some kind of relief.

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How about 3ds? I love to play games on the go since I don't often have a whole lot of time to sit at my PC.

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I order from a place to deliver to my apartment sometimes at around 9 or 10. I'm always surprised to find the food still arrives. Is it typical for a restaurant to stay open and deliver for a long time? How late will it go? Do you hate me for placing a big order at 10 pm?

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Not sure why you're getting downvoted, you asked a legitimate question.