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Excellent question man. This has been a challenge. I keep my mind open when I meet someone that I like. I try not to discourage myself from a chance with a beautiful awesome girl. But I imagine I'm not that much different in dating. When I meet a girl I'm interested in knowing and possibly even being with I'll ask her out and let her know my intentions. Maybe 2-3 dates is about the time when I say yay I like her and want to be with her or nay she's not for me. Now here's the difference. If I do want to be with her I tell her right away about my condition. Then the ball is in her court and hopefully I've swept her off her feet and made her laugh enough for her to say yea. As far as sexual relations and kids. Since I'm undetectable I have a low percentage of giving it to her. My current gf and I have talked to my doctor together and asked what can we do sexually?what's the risk? And can we have kids? My doctor said the risk is there but its really low. Like less then "2%" is what he said as long as there are no open wounds. So we'd have to be careful. My gf and I are waiting till marriage to do stuff though(religious reasons) I am however not a virgin..

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My Father died at 5 so I never knew him. My mom at 7. I was told during a routine doctors visit by my doctor and grandmother, I was in 5th grade at the time. I didn't feel anything at first...I just thought Id never have a girlfriend. My feelings have changed. It can bring me down if I let it. But there's way too much of a awesome, beautiful, and hilarious world out there to not enjoy

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I've thought about looking for someone else who is infected. If we don't work out I will...it'll be way less stressful in breaking the news..

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Do you harbor any negative feelings toward your mother? How did she get it? What are the chances of it turning into full blown AIDS? Can you take a picture of your meds with a piece of paper with your username on it beside the bottle, to validate this and hush the naysayers?

Great questions! No I don't I used to for small time. She got it from doing drugs. If I stop my meds It will progress into aids. And yes I will take the pic with my user name :) and repost..jus a min

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LMAO thanks for the heads up