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Given that you made your threats online, why are you even allowed to access the internet? Aren't there conditions to your early release?

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This vaccine is inexpensive - around $3 to $2 once you get into high high volume but there are fixed costs to get going.

There was a good quote about this in the West Wing. "The second pill cost 'em four cents; the first pill cost 'em four hundred million dollars."

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I am also going to sue him for medical malpractice

The statute of limitations for medical malpractice in Hawaii is 2 years. You've got about six weeks left. If you haven't filed suit already, you'd better move fast.

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I loved Bad Boys when it came out. I loved the Rock. I thoroughly enjoyed his filmmaking style (if that's a thing) at the time. But it got old so quickly for me. I was already bored of it by Armageddon, but still able to enjoy his films somewhat in a "it's not good, but it's fun" way. Now I actively avoid anything he directs, and don't even really enjoy rewatching the ones I used to like.