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Carl Sagan was a successful public ambassador for science, but his popularity led the scientific community to believe that he was a second-rate scientist. His work was devalued by his community, he lost out on tenure at Harvard University, and he was denied membership to the National Academy of Sciences--all because there was this perception that his popularity must be inversely proportional to the quality of his work. So, if you want to be a science writer, you have to go into it with an awareness of how the science community might view your work: like they viewed Carl Sagan's.

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Do you think it's possible for dogs to communicate with us through augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices? The recent trend pings my bullshit radar, especially when dog guardians claim their dogs are understanding and communicating concepts like time and emotion (conveniently in the same way that humans understand/communicate those concepts), but what does the science say?

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There's a very American behavior being played out in this post: in the moment, very few of us will fight against injustice or stand up for those in need. A few decades later, we'll all claim to be on the side of those who were fighting injustice. These are certainly the same people who would have criticized Rosa Parks and other civil rights activists in the moment for "breaking the law".

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What are you writing for your publisher?

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still failing to understand India is a home to all religions

This speaks to your bias, as do your other comments here. India may be have citizens from all religions, but that doesn't mean Indian Muslims have been made to feel safe in India, particularly in the last few years. Every day you hear about another Muslim being lynched. Systematic, government-sanctioned terror, under the guise of nationalism, and a PM who oversaw and condoned ethnic cleansing almost 20 years ago? Persecution of Christians, of atheists, of Dalits? India has a long way to go before it can be called a "home" to many religions. India's actions in Kashmir these past few days are testament to this.

And please don't respond to this with whataboutism.

The fate of Kashmir should lie in the hands of Kashmir's people. India should not be doing what it is doing.