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One of my best friends doesn't watch your show and has no idea why I or any of my other friends call him A-a-ron B-lak-e

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they will 100% be able to find a match

I guess that’s true.

Living donor kidneys are good for 24-48 hours

So you don’t necessarily need to be geographically close to the person that you’re donating to. That makes a lot of sense.

Thank you, Bone King

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I’ve been curious about this—

If you want to donate an organ, do they need to find someone towards the top of the list who’s a match? Or do they take the organ and wait for someone? I guess if there’s 10’s of thousands waiting for a kidney, it is probably pretty easy to find someone who can use yours, but how exactly does that work? If you have a really obscure blood type or something and there’s no one on the list that can use it or they’re very far down, will they still take your kidney?

Giving blood is (maybe?) a little different because it’s easier to store and everyone needs blood, but can kidneys be stored or does it come out of you and go right into someone else immediately?

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Right? I looked it up, because I was curious, and a connecting flight from Miami —> Anchorage is in the neighborhood of 11 hours. I imagine that you can deliver organs just about anywhere on the planet within 48 hours.

That seems so wild to me.