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if his body couldn't process sugar correctly, as a diabetic, he wouldn't have been a viable candidate to donate a kidney for his own safety. He expelled the testing agent and exercised to ensure he would "pass" the test with lower blood sugar no matter what.

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One of the biggest issues I have with how elections are run is the plurality vote, or only being able to select 1 candidate. It's what allowed Gore to lose when Nader "stole" his votes. It's how Trump ended up the Republican nominee because his opposition split their vote between several similar candidates.

How would you feel about approval voting? Do you expect it would change your job at all?

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They'd probably need to place a device in your brain for you to see again.

Unfortunately, the one scientist with working hardware capable of this died and much of his work wasn't properly documented.

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If we have experts on anxiety and procrastination...

Why is there so much anxiety and procrastination in the world still?

And what are the major roadblocks to universally reducing anxiety and procrastination in society for everyone?

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Isn't Cambodia the country where they would kill you if you wear glasses and had special trees just to smash babies against?

I'd say you lucked out.