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I wonder about this myself, especially as it relates to online dating. What happens when people spend their entire courtship online and then meet in person? If the smells aren’t attractive to one another, is it over?

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Really interesting article! Thank you for the reading recommendation!

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I’d like to add that I think Carole’s inappropriate laughter paired with her reactions overall, like the sardine oil comment, did not do her any favors.

I agree that making good television seemed to be the goal.

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In your opinion, what is the best way to invest in Bitcoin? Would the answer be the same for any other cryptocurrency?

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I have always wondered if the reason why Jerry Sandusky was able to continue doing what he did for so long was in part due to the importance placed on Penn State football by the school. Based on your experience covering Sandusky and Penn State, would you say that a situation like this could happen at any school where a sports team is valued so highly?