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Don't plan on making it perfect. Get it done, learn from your mistakes, start building an audience, and then do it again, a little bit bigger and a little bit better.

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ZOECon will include a performance of Gamers Live, at least one special musical guest, sneak peeks of Strowlers and Attacking the Darkness, and a lot more that we're not quite ready to tease. But we have confirmed that we'll livestream every mainstage event!

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JQ3: We're launching the RenewJQ initiative next week to build a mailing list for the Season Three campaign. It's currently a VERY expensive script to produce.

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ZOE here: Be sure to check in with them weekly as more films go up. Dark Dungeons is doing very well thereā€”it briefly reached number four on their bestseller list.

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Strowlers. It's coming.