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Thank you! Quick correction: the URL is https://protectthevote.net

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Lots of things can cause a droplet to get to another person other than coughing. Examples:

  • Energetic talking or laughter
  • Hands to mouth/nose/eyes, then to surface (or other person e.g. handshake)
  • Shared food contact
  • Sneezing caused by other things (dust, pollen, bright light, etc.
  • This is kinda gross, but poop - think hospitals, nursing homes, daycare. Lots of people wiping other's butts

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Now this is trolling.

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Personally I'd just keep chugging with the old car while putting the saving from not having a car payment aside so you'll have a nice chunk of change set aside for your next vehicle when it does die. When it does there should be a bunch of reasonably priced electric SUVs on the market -- The Hyundai Kona Electric already out there looks nice and is relatively inexpensive.

Large containers actually are more green than smaller containers, since the packaging to product ratio is lower. That said, nobody ever said that going green is necessarily always cheaper. One way to approach things might be to make a neutral greening budget and for everything that saves you money, put that money toward another green choice that might cost a bit more. For example, perhaps turning the thermostat down saves you $20 per month. Great, now you have $20 per month to put towards those more expensive refillable shampoos.

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I know you are done here, but I want to ask a related question and I hope someone might circle back.

According to this article in the Oberlin Alumni Magazine — https://issuu.com/oberlin/docs/oberlin-alumni-magazine-winter-2020/32?fr=sY2Y4ODM2NDk3NQ — one of the Viking lander life detection experiments found a strong positive signal. While the other two experiments did not, the lead scientist for that experiment felt that we should do more research to rule out the possibility of current life (perhaps of a very different form than ours on Earth) before doing a sample return.

Why has that experiment not been re-attempted on a subsequent mission? What gives you sufficient confidence the results of that experiment were due to non-biological chemistry to risk a sample return?