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Since you work all the time, don't go out, and don't have much time for hobbies, how do you reward yourself for completing writing goals or milestones? For instance, how did you celebrate the completion of your novels? Do you eat a whole celebration pizza or tub of ice cream?

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Was there a favorite scene, storyline, character, or joke in any of your past novels you were forced to cut for whatever reason? If so, why did you cut it, and what do you do with those cut material? Do you try to repurpose it for another work?

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What's your favorite television show right now? And which episode, if any, do you consider to be a perfect episode for that show?

Also, is FVaFS any way inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventures from the pointlesswasteoftime.com days? Is anyone's appearance described as "Shanter-esque"?