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I just finished your new book, along with "Paddle Your Own Canoe" immediately before it. I appreciate the life lessons, reflection, and growth you portray and many of your topics of choice are similar discussions I've had with a select few close friends who have similar methods of thinking. However, I believe for the betterment of society, as well as us as individuals, we need to be able to discuss these topics outside of our own echo chambers. I live in a quaint, rural mountain town NE of LA that is surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife; it truly is a tiny piece of paradise. Unfortunately, it is extremely conservative and I have a hard time integrating into the community as I feel surrounded by hate, anger, and closemindedness. Trust me, I am perfectly content being a hermit on my hilltop at home with my wife, a boardgame, and an adult beverage and never venturing out into it. BUT, this is not productive to society or progressing as a people.

I apologize for being long-winded, and doubt that you will have a chance to see this, but my question for you is this:

How have you been able to find success in having meaningful discussions with those whose mindset is so very different from your own? Was it worth it, or do you walk away from those situations wishing for an asteroid to just come obliterate the planet and get it over with already?

Thank you! Zach

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Nick, I'm blown away. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I enjoyed your books very much and share them with friends (er... I mean, I tell them to go buy their own copy). You have a way in looking at things from an alternate perspective and I enjoyed thinking and reflecting on these points. I hope your book reaches a variety of demographics and continues to help people think about where we may have gone wrong, acknowledge those mistakes, and progress forward as a collective, inclusive society. With that hope in mind, I think I will avoid the Amazon reviews for your book at this time; it is too early in this beautiful weekend to be brought down. Thank you again, I look forward to your future works.