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At the high school level, you can start a FIRST robotics competition project. At university level, you can take robotics, programming, or computer hardware classes. Outside of academia, you can follow other people's robotics projects or start your own!

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That was my biggest fear when I began working on this project. So far we have not had any problems. Twitch has an auto moderator that filters bad language. We also tell our users that the NSF funds this study and they usually take it seriously.

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People think robots are going to take over the world soon. But we robotics know that robots can not even turn a doorknob!

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These robots are nothing like TayTweets from Microsoft :) They do not learn to speak; they merely attempt to understand the commands you give, like training your pet to come here.

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We are not taking dialectic differences into account at this time. We are trying to keep this simple and we welcome all commands in English regardless of dialect, region, or country.