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any advice for people who have large pores on their noses (mine is from sun damage I believe). Any specific routines to look at?

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I heard Bernie talking about MLK never being able to do a march for the poor people.....has Bernie thought about finishing what MLK tried to accomplish? Bernie is someone fighting for the poor people to have better equality and has the capability to enact change, plus the message it would send would be profound.

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I feel like there should be more concern that HRC stole Bernie's voter data. The person you fired said he was trying to show he was there, but with how much more HRC funding has I'm guessing they could potentially afford to mask any intrusion. For example, on our Sandersforpresident subreddit there are a growing number of people who have said they have received emails from the HRC campaign that they never signed up for because they are for Bernie. Plus they say they never signed up as a democrat or with the DNC. Is the campaign looking into the fact that HRC probably stole data from us and just masked their trail?