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DUDE, LIKE.. CMON. The Code.

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Winning MLG Columbus with LG was the realization of a dream. It was the moment where we proved to everyone and most importantly to ourselves that everything we had gone through was worth it and we had chosen the right path.

Winning ESL One Cologne with SK felt more like us showcasing our dominance. So even though it's super cool to remember us at our peak it still doesn't have the same emotional weight as our breakthrough moment.

Coaching Liquid so far has been an amazing experience! Everyone from staff to players are amazing and have made my transition from a Brazilian scene into uncharted territory so much easier ;) As for coaching this lineup to it's first CS:GO title the feeling is that of progress. It's always nice to raise the trophy and be shown by results that we are on the right path but our sights are much higher than just summit.

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Life is too short for you to do something that makes you unhappy. ;)

Also work harder than others as you never know when you're next once in a lifetime opportunity might be so always be prepared to embrace it.

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1) Great question but also a really complex one as there are so many variables. I think every system has strengths and flaws but for CSGO I would like to see something similar to DOTA be adopted where we maintain the open circuit feel of things but with more structure and a fair system to get into the Major/TI.

2) This is one of the flaws of an open circuit IMO. CSGO has an insanely busy circuit so we end up travelling across the world a lot. As cool as that may seem it leaves us often with hardships to adjust to a professional routine or even a regular sleep schedule. Not to mention that periods where we can actually be focusing on practice and not travel/media obligations are too far apart so we often find ourselves recycling through our strat book rather than innovating.

3) Unlimited timeouts would be overkill.

4) I think each player would have their own opinion but I personally would go for 10K$.

Thanks ;)

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Completely non biased here but greatest moment is when we won MLG Columbus Major. xD

that or when coldzera hit his jumpshot double noscope backflip mctwist 720