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Hi, Pete! Thanks for doing this!

Working in the Production department at Pixar has been my dream since I was 12. I applied to the summer internships last year and was rejected, but I'll be applying again for this upcoming summer. My question is: what common trait do you see among those lucky individuals who get selected for internships? How can I get my foot in the door? The process seems so competitive that I frequently find myself feeling like my dream is slipping away! Having some sort of edge would certainly boost my confidence!

Also, picking my favorite Pixar movie is kind of like picking my favorite chocolate chip in a cookie, but I'm pretty sure UP! is my favorite. Just thought I'd let you know!

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I can wholeheartedly promise you that I will never stop trying. Consider me a balloon-propelled house and Pixar Paradise Falls; I won't step until I've landed there safely! Thanks for responding!

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I've definitely recognized this. I've actually spoken to a few interns myself! One of them worked on the Daily Show first! I'm definitely applying everywhere I feasibly can. Pixar would just be the most convenient because it's the BEST and I go to school nearby!

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Talking about Pixar always puts me in an exclamatory mood!! :D

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Have you guys checked out Indiegogo's InDemand option? I've been telling all my friends about your campaign and passing the link to it around. I would hate for that link to point to an ended campaign. Either way, I'm so stoked for you guys and all of your success :D