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Farm Sanctuary is indeed very cool, I had no idea they existed.

Pro Internet Tip: Link to awesome organizations you tell people about, Google crawls and keeps track ;) Also I'm sure they're happy to get a few more hits.

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Projects like Openstax can always use your expertise. There really ought to be a public note/materials sharing platform for teachers...

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Does IBM take UX seriously?

Oh they do, but like every giant mega corp, updating the website cms isn't a regular thing. Typically they do it like once every ten years (lol they wish, when it starts to crumble really) and it's a contract thing. You don't get changes unless you pay for it. I would not be surprised if the website's hosting isn't controlled by IBM, its in the hands of their web people.

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Tl;Wr The Psychonauts 1 update is getting stale and needs some TLC.

I want to play Psychonauts 1 on SteamOS with a Steam controller but currently the triggers cannot be bound to anything but their default camera bindings. Will DF ever fix?

People are still playing it with the hacked patch on Windows. This isn't really possible the same way on (AFAICT). Thus someone would have to do a separate patch. Makes more sense for DF to release a small upate, no? You could probably even contract the author of the patch to do it officially.

I love the initial updates to Psychonauts, they were excellent and sorely needed. But if you're abaolelty never going update again, why bother holding on to the rights? Think of it like someone who wants to play NES Mario again. The only way to do that on modern hardware is emulators (and still have it look good).

Tl;Dr The Psychonauts 1 update is getting stale and needs some TLC.

P.S. I funded Psychonauts 2, initially reluctant but DF has a fine track record. Despite my tone, DF rocks :D I love your work.

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Yup, the people booted out by Edi Amin were very proud of the countries that took them in.

Hey look at me I'm that poem person.