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zeroblack410 karma

After you lost, did you collectively purse your lips and whistle?

zeroblack244 karma

Do you absent-mindedly start signing when you talk with non-deaf people?

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Craig Ferguson has a lot of wit as well, have you been on his show? I love the way he and his guests just kind loosen up and banter.

zeroblack155 karma

Did they have to redraw Petunia every time or did they just have a lot of temporary tattoos printed up? Also did anyone on set crush on Michelle Trachtenburg as much as I did?

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I was on the train once and noticed that there was a family with one deaf parent -- the kids were talking to each other while the mom spoke and signed to the dad. A while later I noticed the two little girls had found seats opposite each other on the train, and though it would have been too loud to carry a conversation sitting that far apart from each other normally, they were sitting there signing to each other. That day I learned CODAs have super-powers.