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I have a personal feeling that working in places like this may negatively impact in the worker's personal life, I know this is true for the majority of jobs, but it seems to me the probability for this kind of work in particular is higher, does this relates to you or anyone else that works with you? Anything you can tell about that or how you or someone else deals with it?

Also, any case of people who recovered from being in this unit?

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1- Is this your dream job? What made you choose this career?

2- Where do you take inspiration and creativity to write so many books in a short period of time?

3- Did you experience a burnout, how did it turn out? If not, are you afraid of having one, how do you imagine handling it?

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This gonna sound a lot personal, but can you tell us how do you do with the emotion coldness? Interested cause I went through something involving this, imagine a rollercoaster of being warm and cold, something along the lines of what I've been through.

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What's your opinion about the actual state of space explorations, specifically having in mind the private-funded companies starting to develop their own business around it?

Can you describe the feeling of preparing for a mission and then going through it?

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Did you have seizures your entire life (and diagnosed just now) or it was something that started recently?