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Star rating black mailing? The nerve of some people. Is there any way you as a publisher can retaliate, like reporting those users, getting their ratings removed, etc?

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$2 feels like a lot now days for a game that looks like an update for Asteroids. Freemium games seem to be the best option for developers now. Is there a big difference in developing a freemium game and a game paid for up front? Why did you choose to do the latter?

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*cue synthesizer solo.

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This is where your business instinct needs to sharpen. It's very noble for you to try to remain true to the gaming community, but you have to remember that you're also running a business. In the world of business money is king. Unless you have the capital to be a game changer than the safest route is for your company to adapt to the mobile gaming trend and try to maximise on consumer behavior. All in all, like others have already done, I wish you the best of luck. Who knows, you might just end up developing the next big thing that everyone will talk about. Don't give up on your dreams.