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How many partners have you had


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Ho - lee - shit.

So when I was like 10 I was laying in bed thinking about stuff and trying not to think about anything. My eyes were closed, and I both saw something thru my eyelids that appeared to be lightning coming from the ceiling in my room and it crackled like lightning. I had thought the light in my room (which was off) shorted out or something.

Then, with my eyes still closed, my vision went all stretched and weird and elongated which freaked me out.

Thanks for the memory, I had forgotten about that until you posted this. Crazy.

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Thats like saying "why vote? there are a 300 million people already doing it."

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Is being a "sex addict" a thing? Or are people just really horny?

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When it comes down to doing a job why is race relevant. If you're more qualified, you should be hired.

If ten whites are more qualified than 10 blacks, why would you hire a split. The same is true vice versa! Work talks a lot more than race. Race doesn't have any difference on who can work in 90% of jobs. Making race quotas are simply unfair on whites and blacks who are more qualified.

I would be disgusted to lose out on a job I was more qualified for and worked harder for because I am a white just to meet a quota.