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Yo this is r/bestof material right here. u/gravygrowinggreen with the real take.

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My best friend is not even 5 feet tall and was a volunteer firefighter for years. Also an Ironwoman. Go for it!

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No... the safest way is to request a sharps container from your pharmacy and then follow the disposal directions.

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👍 Love your attitude. Good luck with your new endeavours.

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Hello, cool job! I definitely empathize with the struggle around feeling unsure about sharing art due to emotional vulnerability. I read recently here on reddit that women tend to have a developmental creative sport in their 50s so maybe we'll both get over that hump in the future.

My questions are if you prefer preparing certain titles, genres or ages of books. And have you received any feedback from your clients after they have used your books for a time? Seems like the stories would be interesting!

Have a great day-