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zdlr83 karma

What are your thoughts on the NBN? Do you think we should be building FTTP nationally? Aren't we going to have to do this eventually anyway so why not do it now or at least get a start on it?

It's a nation building project after all. Where is the vision on this issue from the Coalition? Malcolm Turnbull's Multi-Technology Mix or Malcolm Turnbull's Mess NBN makes me furious. FTTN is a massive technological joke.

We could have been world leaders with the FTTP NBN with gigabit internet but now we are going to be a joke with 25 Mbps or less FTTN.

I know the Greens support the FTTP NBN and that's part of the reason I'm a Greens voter (Pirate Party in the Senate) but I'd just like to know the Greens leader's thoughts on the FTTP NBN and it's amazing potential for society.