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Anytime I discuss the issue of stem cells with someone who opposes it, the first thing I ask them is "If you were in my position, you would honestly deny the treatment?". Shuts everyone up

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1 week-first voluntary movement in my right arm 6 weeks-could breath on my own again 10 weeks-stood up for the first time/first voluntary movement in my left arm 12 weeks-fitst steps forward 16 weeks-kicked the wheelchair and did most of my getting around with a cane 9 months-ditched the cane

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Definitely not. The first paramedics on the scene did an incredible job of bringing me back to life and ensuring no extra damage was done to my spinal cord. The surgeon was simply amazing, the best in the country. And my physical therapists pushed me as hard as I could go from day 1. And of course support from family/friends

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Happens way more often than it should. My biggest pet peeve is people who actually have a plaque but only because they're fat. But I guess that's what I get for living in America haha

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No relationships as of yet. Been rebuliding my sex drive and overcoming psychological hurdles such as body image issues and self esteem. At this point, almost 3 years post injury, I still am exhausted at the end of the day taking care of myself so I know it wouldn't be fair to commit myself to any girl before I know I can give 100% of the attention and care she would deserve.