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Hey David, thank you for the years of laughs. Wet Hot defines my teenage years at camp. Wanderlust is criminally underrated. That Two Princes scene makes me crack up every time. Anyway do you have a good story from the Stella days? You made me love absurd comedy.

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The Tom Brady press conference is on right now. Any thought on deflategate/the resurgence of French Toast Crunch?

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when I first read the title to this AMA my dumb brain accidentally saw Bi-Polar Bear Biologist. Are there bi-polar polar bears?

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LD, been a fan since the jump. The Pillow Talking video was everything and more! Few questions. Is there a story behind the John C Reily cameo? Did you guys get to meet? Any new music on the horizon. I know patience is a virtue but you must have something in vault. Lastly, are you ever going to change your avi on twitter?