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Fun story about the pb&c.

My boss owns two stores. One of the stores is across the street from a medical practice. In the practice was a geriatric physician. When he noticed a patient was losing too much weight, he would "prescribe" them 2 pb&c shakes a week until they got back up to a healthy weight.

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Depends on the jurisdiction, but overall, likely not bad. Where I live (NY), state COs start out at like 55k a year, with various ways to bump it up (location pay, hazard pay, and a shitload of overtime available). My state also does this thing where when you retire after 25 years, they take the beat 3 of your last 5 years, average them out, and that's your annual pension for the rest of your life. And since most COs are in their early 20s when they get hired, they end up with a 70-90k pension for life by 50 years old. State insurance and shit is also pretty good, here.

Environment... well, it's a prison.

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Isn't pornhub also known to be very customer service oriented?

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"Draco, excellent job on your Potions exam. 10 points to Gryffindor!"

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Speak of the fucking devil.

Corporate or franchise? I've heard the corporate stores are run like concentration camps.