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I'm a machinist/CMM programmer for an aerospace manufacturing plant. I'd give anything to be making medical equipment instead of missle fuselages and FLIR housings

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Have you ever made a study of professional wrestling? The intersection of story telling, deception, crowd work, slight of hand, and the like and how they overlap with illusionism?

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This process is known as the "Euphemism Treadmill"

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Why necromancy and not time-travel? The guy's a frickin Time Lord!

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If I may hold your attention a moment longer:

Outside of shows like Fool Us, where you are playing to an audience of two professionals, how important is crowd reading to your craft? I.E.: how much do the particular reactions of your audience to each step of your process impact the timing and flair of each subsequent step? As you perform one illusion or another, do you try and gauge the crowd and play off of their swells of gasps or silences, etc?

When you have a full act to perform, do you have "go-to's" to dial up or down the emotional investment of the crowd in different scenarios?