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Yes absolutely. I think it is safe to say that the new engine is a lot more open and will at least after a few weeks be much better documented than anything in the past. We definitely intent to support modding.

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hmm... what a nice way to start this :) Thanks!

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The honest answer is that at least recently this way of development also started to become lucrative, thanks to the way we sell our games (Steam).

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Jumpdrives are only available for capital ships and only work inside solar systems (which is still a huge distance). However, the player can currently land on a capital ship and jump with it.

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You can still eliminate almost anybody and we sure dont stop you from eliminating an entire faction. However the game will not have a special UI to support strategic war planning at release. But this is high up on my personal wishlist for things to add in an update. This could maybe also include owning zones and many interesting consequences from that. But again: We are working on this beast for 7 years and cant add EVERYTHING for a 1.0 release or we will be working for several more decades ;-)