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The tapestry of jokes are really what got me into the show. Now when I rewatch the show I still find myself catching jokes that I never would have gotten before. It's like visiting an old friend and realizing one of his ears is slightly lower than the other. Entertaining enough to keep me looking for them every time I watch the show.

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Hi David,

This is more of a question about This Book is Full of Spiders. My favorite part of JDATE was the random horror imagery and events that happened throughout the book. It was one of the few novels I couldn't put down simply because I was always excited to see what would happen next. While I did like TBIFOS I felt that it lacked some of the more random horror and comedy bits because it focused on building tension for forthcoming future events instead of having David deal with the constant mind fuckery KORROK was sending his way.

That being said what created this change in writing style between the two books? Was it that JDATE was pieced together over the years from various stories you wrote versus TBIFOS where you had a singular story in mind to tell? How did you decide the storyline for TBIFOS and where did KORROK go?

Also do you have any ideas what your next story will be?

Also for Don. I loved Bubba Hotep. Do you know if the prequel Bubba Nosferatu is still in the works? Are you attached to it in anyway?

Thanks again. Love both you guy's work. Hope to continue seeing more of it in the future.

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What is the greatest achievement mankind has ever made? Conversely what is the most mundane mediocre achievement? If given the choice between the two which would you want to be judged on by a panel consisting of Q, Master Yoda, Starbuck, and the valley girls from Night of the Comet?

Bonus Question: Will you slip into something more comfortable and meet Bigfoot at the park around 8?