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Do you even want to be with her anymore? Unless the answer is 100% yes you may find that you have to burn some bridges to move forward. It sounds like you're a decent fella but it's not your responsibility to protect her anymore. She isn't your girlfriend - she's a prostitute. She has chosen a path that will likely be the ruin of you if you stick around to watch it unfold. Don't let her mistakes damn you.

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How did the money give you access to these women? Were they hookers? Or just floozies drawn to big spenders in the club?

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Ok I was joking I've never been married. What I can offer you is this:

Seek kindness as the primary trait you pursue in any partner. Don't get me wrong looks are important and sexual chemistry all that good stuff, but it's worthless if the person you're with isn't kind. It's crazy how I used to hold other stuff in higher priority as a young man. I think everyone already knows this, but sometimes you still need to be told something to make it real.

"But how do I know if he/she is actually kind and not just playing me like an illegally imported whalebone balalaika?"

Dr Maya Angelou got you covered here: when someone shows you who they really are, believe them. Pay real attention to how your partner treats other people, not just you.

Some people consider this next thing naive but fuck it I find some real truth in it. People tend to rise to your expectations. So within reason, compartmentalise your expectations from the world around you. If you can achieve this it will seep into your words and behaviour (without you even realising). This will elicit better behaviour from those around you. So let go of any paranoia or defensiveness you may have picked up in previous relationships and really try to give your partner fair shake.

Finally understand that the best things in life often require a little cultivation. Cheap thrills, instant gratification wear out real quick. To that end the things that have real depth are sometimes hard to get to know but far more rewarding. This sometimes goes for people too. So make sure you're looking in the right places for love.

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Can you go back in time and stop me meeting my ex wife? Shes a very nasty woman.

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That all sounds unlikely. Please do provide some kind of proof.