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What’s the earliest song you remember hearing?

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I didn’t even realise CERN had a part to play in the World Wide Web. So in extension to that, what are some things the general public might not know about CERN?

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Is there empirical, widespread and peer-reviewed data that proves gender is a spectrum?

You, earlier in this thread, claimed that someone’s position on the gender spectrum can shift even throughout the week:

gender is a fluid spectrum. People can identify as 100% female or 100% male or anywhere in the middle (100% is actually very rare). And this point may shift and vary with time and day.

If so, what surgical therapy could possibly be effective if the patient may regret it immediately after?

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Would you consider dysphoria necessary to be transgender?

I ask only as there’s a small and vocal community called “tucutes” who believe you don’t need dysphoria to be trans. Personally, I believe you do require dysphoria and it’s insulting to actual trans people to claim that no dysphoria (and all of the accompanying mental anguish) is needed, and that you simply need to say you’re trans.