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Thank you for your time. Your work and results are amazing and life affirming. Two questions for you regarding your glottoplasty sutures and wound healing. These reflect some of the anxieties held by those considering surgery :)

When is the latest time into healing you have heard of a patient tearing their sutures, if at all, and what surgical intervention would be required to address this scenario?

I've heard that it's possible for the sutures to hold strong throughout the period of time required for healing yet, upon dissolving, wound separation can still occur. Have you ever encountered this in your patients and, if so, what advice can you give to other surgeons and patients in order to avoid such an outcome?

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This question isn't strictly related to glottoplasty but it's because when people assigned female at birth take hormone therapy to transition to male, it alters the physiology of the larynx permanently, it is for all intents and purposes the same as a male puberty.

When people assigned male at birth transition to female, hormone replacement therapy doesn't reverse puberty, hence why the surgical intervention is required.

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Thank you for your time and the work you do. Have a great weekend! :D

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I'll throw in another question. :) This one is to do with the contribution to science and how to make the lives of transgender women a little easier with supporting literature.

When can we expect to see publications from you on your work with glottoplasty?

Literature of that sort may help the NHS consider funding the operation for those in difficult situations!

As always, thanks again for your time. I hope you get the recognition you deserve for your wonderful work.

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Thanks again, we're all rooting for you. :)