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Pre-Mustafar Darth Vader looked really badass and I wish we had more screentime with this iconic incarnation. You are one of the few actors to share the screen with him. How crushed did you feel when your epic confrontation and highly choreographed battle did not make it to the final cut?

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I saw a wild tiger a few months ago at Ranthambore; we were sitting in a jeep and saw this tiger waking up from a nap. We are struck at how much a cat she was .....raised her paw up through the grass to play with it, got up a bit to yawn and then fell back down in a heap, then later got up to yawn again and then licked herself. Then she walked right towards us and in front of our Jeep and went off into the woods rubbing herself on trees to mark territory.

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I just checked the nutrition information and the k/g ratio is 1.79 which is really awesome; regular bacon is usually something between 5-6 k/g on account of the high fat content. So your product has a third of the calories per slice than regular bacon, and since I am eating on a strict calorie restriction, your product would help me save more calories for other foods and thus ultimately more nutrition.

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Yeah I hear you. We went two days. The first day was super disappointing. We were in a little Jeep and those giant trucks (two of 'em) hogged the view of the only tiger that day. We got lucky on the second day and we were in a part of the park where those big trucks weren't allowed and so everyone got a great view.

So much of it is pure dumb luck. And also people being helpful.