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Hi Vincent, My son is a recipient and survivor. He is 15 years post transplant and turned 21 this year. Do you feel obligated or entitled to be a part of the recipients life? Some recipients have long-term effects and the donor may be asked for more help. Is this a worry for you?

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Thank you Vincent. Your selfless act has added memories to Vicky's family album. Unless you've been in this position, it is hard to imagine the value of such a gift. BTW - We also had to wait a year and my son met his donor. We've only touched base with each other briefly over the years. One is able to become part of the donor registry here in Canada through the OneMatch program. It can even be done through the mail! It's a matter of registering and qualifying. You then receive a package and take swabs from inside the cheek and gums. There are many Get Swabbed events. Universities and Colleges are especially important venues since the population there is usually culturally diverse and younger.

Also, I'm not sure that the marrow is 'tissue'. When my son received his marrow, it was a gel-looking type of blood product. Very thick. I would characterize it as 'cells'.

Your work and gift is so very valuable. And of course, your selflessness is a great example to so many who want to do something good... and it doesn't cost anything but time. A humble thank you.

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I know of two donors in our community who were matches twice! It can and does happen.