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I know a flat earther, she is always on about how aware she is of the big conspiracy. One evening I was out with my kids who had questions. I noticed that the sun was over the horizon and the sky was still lit up fairly well. There was quite a bit of light hitting the BOTTOMS of the clouds but none on top. My children were able to reason why the sun would be hitting the bottom of the clouds and how this was not possible if the earth was flat and the sun above the clouds.

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I may not be a rich man, but I would pay to see this.

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I work in a special department at "A big Satellite TV Company" and have access to all retention systems. Even our tech and billing agents have access to a tool that pulls up the competitions availability in the zip code the customer calls from. Now I don't know if TWC has anything similar but we all know no matter where the customer is from.

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I didn't get to read whatever this was in response to because it was deleted but I really enjoyed your answer.

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Kyle, my girl friend and I love Because Science! We binge watched every episode about two weeks ago.

She commented on your evolution into Thor. Was this intentional or just a natural mutation?