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Maddox, I have always considered you to be my favorite author. Your social commentary often echoes my own feelings, but sometimes it makes me feel like less of a man. In short, you are awesome. However, I recently took a literature class where we were supposed to compare two works of poetry from the last 100 years. I chose to compare your Haiku from The Alphabet of Manliness to TS Eliot's "The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock". My instructor felt that your work was not well known enough, so I pointed out all of the time you spent at the top of Amazon.com and other notable media distributors. This however was not good enough, because he felt that your works were "neither in good taste, nor befitting to even be mentioned in any comparison whatsoever with Eliot's masterwork". I again argued that your haiku had more depth in its 17 syllables than Eliot had in his entire writing career. The line "I slept peacefully" is of course symbolic of the apathy of the modern day pirate, and that death was a natural part of life, to be accepted, and not feared to the point of Eliot's self loathing and incessant metaphor. In short, I argued my case with a well written paper, and I received a C. My question is this: what would you do in my situation? -Zack