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What is mud logging?

And I'm surprisingly strong for my size apparently, but are there any jobs on a rig that don't involve lifting ridiculous things?

Like a cook! What does it take to be a cook?

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What portions have been overturned? In AP Gov (not a very in-depth course, mind you) most of McCain Feingold was banning soft money and increasing the cap on contributions to $2000 per individual.

I remember within the past month the Supreme Court ruled for some sort of unlimited contributions, but I didn't quite understand the ramifications. ELI20?

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So it's essentially testing the mud to see how the rig is doing?

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I'm 5'11", and 115 pounds fully dressed. Any chance I could find a job on one of the rigs? My uncle is a VP of a Texas oil company, but I'm not sure what an 18 year old could do besides lifting heavy things.

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Someone had the great idea earlier to give steam/amazon gift cards for the same amount as reddit gold! I would do that.