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This is insane! The paid version isn't quite as cheap as something like Affinity (calculated based on years-per-update vs. price per month) but I'm surprised how well this competes with both Affinity and Photoshop.

Really makes me wonder how Gimp is still trash. If you had a Illustrator/Designer alternative as well I'd finally be able to switch to Linux! Any plans for that?

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While it'd be possible for the creator to use something like Electron to make the web app an executable, the business model is based on ads so I doubt making something that could run offline would be something that would be considered.

For the same price as a 2 year subscription to this tough you can get Affinity Photo which is an .exe

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I'm developing some open sourced software that I plan on releasing soon, and was wondering what was it like marketing and bringing awareness to you app? How did you do it, and how long did it take for people to actually start using/contributing to your software?

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Ok cool. Thanks for the answer

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How long did it take to start gaining traction?