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zabriskiepoint45 karma


I've been a lifelong ALP supporter, but recently, I am dismayed by the lurch to the right that they have taken. I am in blue ribbon ALP territory in Victoria, and I am considering moving my allegiance to the Greens, as it is becoming obvious that there are deep fractures in the moral, economic, and political integrity of two-party politics.

As a doctoral candidate, a worker in the digital economy, a person who cares about the rights and protections of employees, the marginalised and vulnerable, and government that is authentically interested in plotting a course for Australia to be positioned as a major player in the emergent techno-markets of the future, what can you - as the leader of the Greens - offer me?

Besides the glorious - and gloriously admirable - antics of Scott Ludlum.

(Philosophically. Cash promises are not required. This isn't Q&A.)