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What's your least favorite rude customer trope? Other than being straight up ignored when you greet them. For me personally it's when I have my hand extended for their change, and they toss it on the counter anyway.

Also, do you hate paper in plastic as much as I do?

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Ahh I hear you there.

By paper in plastic I mean when a customer requests a paper bag inside their plastic bag. And then they want it to be packed lightly. Makes an order drag on way longer than it needs to be.

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I've worked in convenience stores where we had extremely strict policies and couldn't take expired IDs. The thing is they have a program (BARS or WeCard) where they send people once a month to 'test' you - and if you take even an expired ID from them you fail and your ass is likely fined and fired.

Grocery stores and large department stores like Walmart tend to be less strict with that, unless you're doing something like cashing checks or dealing with money orders.