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1 large inhale later.


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I would do my environmental duty and grab a fork and knife and clean up, after I find a safe place to park

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Flashing head lights or 'markers' is a common practice among oversized vehicles on the freeway or where ever.

Flashing headlights tells a driver he/she can merge, flashing markers(trailer lights) is a thank you. If you can don't flash high beam, flash on/off or even just fog lights.

The biggest advice I can give '4 wheelers' is when merging onto a freeway/highway. For the love of god. People need to watch the freeway traffic as much or more than what's in front of you. I see people with tunnel vision or on cell phones just merge w/o a thought or care in the world. Most often I can get into the left lane, but not always.

Moral of the story: On on-ramps watch freeway traffic, by the time the ramp ends you should have your place figured out and going the speed of traffic. If there is a semi in the lane your getting into... Floor it. Too many times people slow down or stop on on-ramps. This is bad for me and people who may be behind you and are not expecting some one slowing down on an ON-RAMP!

I don't use a CB. Most of what's on there is like Trade chat in WoW talking politics.

Showers cost 10$ a shower, unless you buy 50 gal of fuel which is everyday anyway, so its free.

Surprisingly kids don't signal for the air horn as much as teens do, and they're mostly female.

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Anyone you know at 7 "Sleeps with eye open"?

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That is true and false. When the system with implemented back in the 90's drivers were complaining and they couldn't deliver on time because of the hour restrictions but since then shippers have compensated for the d o t regulations. I just got a new qualcomm mcp 200 which gave me electronic logs to prevent me from driving past 11 hours. Most companies do this. But sadly independent drivers run multiple logs so they can break a these rules.

I watch tv on my phone and play minecraft on my tablet