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Sunshine was an amazing movie but many people disliked it for the third act. What would you like to say to the people who disliked Sunshine? (Can't wait to watch Ex Machina too!)

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One of my main concerns is accountability. How can these platforms ensure that the creators are delivering their promises (proportional to the financial support they're asking for) and what are the established/to be established steps to ensure more accountability in crowdfunding?

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Hi Neil, in a world where political agendas are coming at the cost of scientific advancements, how do you recommend we fight for science? What do you think we can do? (and I can particularly do as a journalist. Funny how the same agendas are attacking journalism too)

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Hey Gordon, Love all your shows! Good luck with the app! I pretty much am a foodie but I never feel like I can get cooking right. The harder I try, the more I mess up and cooking is pretty much a downer now. What advice about food and cooking would you give to dejected beginner like me?

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Hey Ethan, love your work. You're an amazing actor. Which role across movie history would be your dream role?