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"Checkmate" - Athiests


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Right, look into John Stapp. He survived 46.2G in X-axis deceleration.

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What about eating less beef and dairy? I'd argue, as a whole, driving down demand for domestic beef and dairy and shrinking herds would have a greater impact than watering my lawn once a week.

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I have several friends that have been severely impacted by addiction so this hits close to home for me. Thank you for your work.

Two questions:

Given the emerging research around the Dormant Mode Network, have you researched the potential impact of psilocybin and/or LSD on breaking down the network?

Also, is Ibogaine, in your opinion a plausible course of treatment?

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Why not get genetic testing and select a non-affected embryo? I know it's expensive but you'll be buying peace of mind.