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I wouldn't say "Yahoo works" even in the US.

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As an adult aware of the situation and a confident and capable person, yes I would just blindly trust and go with it possibly to my own death because I can rationalize the situation and understand I will die if I don't trust these strangers.

As a 12 year old, not a fucking chance in hell, I would die from my own fear and misunderstanding of the situation because when I was under 20 I thought I was invincible and nothing could stop me.

These kids have been dealt a shit hand and I hope that some are lucky enough to get through this perfect storm situation they are in.

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My wife ordered a medium cheese pizza without asking about anything or looking at any offers. When we stop at the store to pick it up we see a big advertisement for a Large 1 topping pizza for less than we were paying for the medium cheese. Talked to the guy at the counter and he charged me for the Large 1 topping instead, crazy.

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In 2006 I got out as an E-5 (no dependents). I did the math and needed a job making $65k a year to get the same take home pay.

Not bad for a job requiring a high school diploma, this was after being in for 6 years.

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My flashlight batteries died, take this burning stick so you can see your hay at night.