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But when they get out they're only 28, they've still got plenty of time to get a regular job in the world, advance in a career over a few decades, contribute to retirement account, let retirement account grow before they retire at 68 or whatever, and so on.

So I turn 28 next week, and what I took from this is imma be alright!

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I want to learn French, but I am not able to take a course because there is none in the area and I don't drive. I also don't have a computer, just my phone. How do you suggest I get started?? Are there any books you think I would find useful?

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Thank you so much! Very insightful and you have given me many options! I look forward to getting into it.

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It's only starting to slow down now thankfully, but yes storage is a problem. I could stand to lose some apps that's for sure, I will be looking at a new phone soon, so I think this language app should be first on the list.

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Some people are born into a circumstance they can't escape. Like you for instance - wherever you go, sadly, there you are.