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yukonwanderer46 karma

How is this any different from "welfare" that has been slowly cut back over the years? If it's universal, how is this any different from a big tax rebate? I've yet to see anyone explain how this concept is new or beneficial to society.

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What do you think it says about someone if they are actually enjoying this new way of life? I feel like all the normal anxiety-inducing shit things in life aren't there for me anymore. Now all that's left is some existential dread, but at least 80% of what made me stressed is gone.

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How is this concept any different from welfare? If the money is for low income people? If it's for everyone, then how is it different from a tax rebate?

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What's lazy keto?

yukonwanderer3 karma

I'd argue it's basically just a new name for tax rebate, repackaged to make it sound new and exciting and more palatable to people. If everyone gets this "income", it's not welfare, and functions exactly as a tax rebate would. Def not income either way.