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I know a super rich family in Southern China looking for a foreign nanny that is willing to directly pay her a decent wage. If you are interested PM me and I'll get you in contact.

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From China: they are not providing anything to do.

We are not allowed to wander around the facility.

Meals are delivered to the room three times a day.

Someone comes by to check my temperature twice a day.

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When I was in Isolation, I reported my temperature 3x a day to the hospital and 2x a day to my Neighborhood Committee.

Now that I'm in Quarantine, someone is coming to take my temp 2x a day and I report those numbers to the Neighborhood Committee.

10 hours isn't really that long ago if you are otherwise symptom free.

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I'm not Chinese.

I'm in a good place because I speak Chinese (so I understand what's going on), and I'm a foreigner (so there's an official translator assigned as a point of contact to explain stuff to us), and I'm in the city where I live (so when a new and poorly worded rule came down the pipeline, instead of pissing into the wind at the top of my lungs like the rest of the angry people on my floor, I had the ability to track down relevant people and be effective at voicing my complaints).

Arriving at the airport on nearly no sleep or food, it was frustrating and slow and totally understandable in a "I'm not happy with this, and they don't look happy either, but we are all in this together because public health" sort of way.

Then I went from "we're just double checking some symptoms you have" to flagged as a suspect case and things went from 0 to 100 real quick.
I was expecting Hotel Quarantine.
I got the Isolation Ward.

Had a blood draw and snot sample taken before leaving the airport (by ambulance), then another blood draw at the Fever Clinic, and a CT scan before being admitted.

Having a throat swab from a guy wearing a hazmat suit and breathing through a PAPR respirator was probably one of the scariest things I've been conscious for. When I was doing my temperature checks (way more than the 3 times a day they asked for), the slightest increase had me freaking the fuck out.

Initially, being released to the Hotel (where they only wear bunny suits and masks to deliver food to us) was awesome. Now, on Day 5, I'm going fucking nuts with being stuck in the same room and 9 more days to go.

Mostly, I'm pleased with the level of professionalism I'm seeing and I'm trying not to be a stressed out bitch at people who have good reason to be a lot more stressed out than I am. Just gotta keep reminding myself that "I don't like this" is not the same thing as "this is bad".

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People have sent care packages and groceries.

And delivery food was an option prior to today. But the delivery food goes to a central drop off point that then goes to our rooms and, apparently, something that sat unrefrigerated lead to someone having stomach issues.

So now we aren't supposed to get anything other than sealed non-perishable food at the discretion of the Hotel.