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I know you'd never say one way or another, but given the way Rachel Whetstone and Jill Hazelbacker were portrayed in the book I felt strongly they must have been sources for you.

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I just finished the book. It was really good! Uber's share price has really struggled since IPO, and lines of business that were considered promising (like Eats) are starting to look like they won't be profitable soon (or ever). If Uber ultimately isn't able to be profitable or fulfill TK's vision of challenging Amazon as a last-mile delivery leader, what do you think his legacy will be?

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Thanks Mike! I'm curious what your impression was of Dara (if you've met him) and his vision for Uber. He strikes me as a Tim Cook-type: hyper-focused on rationalizing the operations of the business but maybe missing some of the inspiring vision stuff that TK clearly had. In Apple's case that worked out fine because they could wring lots of incremental revenue out of iPhone for a long time. In Uber's case it seems like barring major advances in self-driving technology the business can't really be run profitably. Is that a fair assessment of Dara and Uber's model?